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About Midland Cryogenics Limited

Midland Cryogenics Ltd is one of the longest established and most experienced pipe freezing companies in the UK. Since 1979, MCL have
been developing methods for isolating sections of live pipe work systems
in order to perform maintenance activities or modifications with minimal disruption and at the lowest total cost. MCL offer a fast, professional and
cost effective solution for pipe work isolations.


Located just north of Wolverhampton, MCL is close to the heart of the
motorway network allowing fast access to large parts of the country. Our experienced technical staff are available to advise on the feasibility of alternative isolation solutions and also perform site surveys to ensure that
work is performed efficiently and safely. They have extensive experience throughout a wide range of industries.


Examples of pipe work systems isolated are heating systems in schools, airports and hospitals, chilled water systems in computer centres, glycol solutions in breweries and steam condensate return lines in refineries. MCL
has developed specialist skills in isolating live, large diameter fire mains and high pressure sprinkler protection systems in offices and shopping centres.


The replacement of fire hydrants using a freeze isolation, originally designed by
MCL around fifteen years ago, is the preferred method for most contractors.

Midland Cryogenics Limited Fleet

Workshop & Testing Area

MCL work from a large office, workshop and testing facility.
The workshop and testing facility is used to pre-fabricate some freeze jackets prior to site works, carry out shrink tests and
freeze certain substances i.e. water/glycol mix, all types of oil/lubricant, brine, etc to confirm if a freeze is achievable
before on-site works begin.

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