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Hot Tapping

Hot tapping allows the safe addition of one or more pipe connections to a pipe work system whilst still live. This may then be used to tie in other operating equipment, for bypass repairs or maintenance activities.



  • No downtime as process is performed on live pipe work

  • Reliable connection as pressure tested prior to service

  • Can be used to bypass/isolate sections of process pipe

  • Can be used as entry point for line stop


The Process

A new connection is bolted or welded to the pipe work in the required location. The connection is pressure tested up to twice the normal working pressure to prove its integrity. A full bore valve is fitted to the flange and the hot tap machine to the valve.

With the valve open, a modified pilot drill and hole saw cut the pipe and remove a coupon of metal which is retained by the pilot drill. The cutter is withdrawn through the valve which is then closed and the hot tap machine removed.

We welcome evaluating your application and advising on the most suitable process for pipework isolation.

Hot Tapping Illustration 1
Hot Tapping Illustration 2
Hot Tapping
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