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Pipe Freezing

“MCL on the move to another large pipe freezing project”

Pipe freezing creates freeze plug isolations so that the isolated part of the system
can be maintained or modified without the need to drain the contents of the pipe.


  • Fast Isolations reduce downtime

  • No need for costly liquid transfer and storage

  • No drain down or air bleed times

  • Provides isolation for pressure testing / leak detection

  • Avoids contact with pipe contents

  • May allow plant sharing the same system to continue operating


Pipe freezing is a valuable tool in the maintenance of all types of liquid storage,
process and transfer plant.
The Process

A freeze 'jacket' is installed around the pipe at the point where the isolation is required.
The jacket provides a container for the liquid nitrogen in the annulus between itself 
and the pipe. Liquid nitrogen is introduced into the annulus creating a refrigerant bath
around the pipe removing heat from the pipe and its contents.


The majority of liquids can be frozen forming a freeze plug which provides a positive seal 
against fluid flow. Freeze plugs can be maintained for hours, days and even weeks if
required by careful monitoring of the temperature and maintenance of the freeze plugs
by our trained technicians.


We welcome evaluating your application and advising on the most suitable process for
pipework isolation.

Pipe Freezing Illustration
Pipe Freezing
Pipe Freezing
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