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Tank Services

MCL International Limited was created from a need to expand overseas due to high demand from existing and new international clients. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in solving your cryogenic storage tank insulation problems.


Perlite Injection

Tanks which store low temperature liquid gases such as LNG, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Propane, Ethylene
and Butane are invariably insulated with Perlite. Perlite is a fine granular inert material with excellent
insulation properties.


After years in service, local settlement of the Perlite reduces the insulation efficiency creating cold spots on the outer surface of the tank. The local failure of the insulation leads to surface damage and corrosion to the outer skin. This increases boil off of the product contained within the tank resulting economic loss. 
MCL International offer the following services to establish the optimal live repair methodology:

  • A site survey to establish the degree of settlement and the volume and distribution of Perlite required to reinstate full insulation.

  • A top up service to inject the required quantity of Perlite in the correct locations while the tank remains in service.

Specialist technicians are fully trained in the safe and effective operation of specialist equipment used during Perlite top up operations. They are trained to combat the following hazards which typically they may encounter:

  • Gas flammability / explosion risk

  • Gas toxicity

  • Gas pressure

  • Static electricity

  • Working at heights

Tank Services
Tank Services
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